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Author: Jesus Feminist & Out of Sorts. Wife. Mum of 4 tinies. Preacher. Unqualified theologian. Recovering know-it-all. INFJ. Enneagram 9. Hufflepuff.

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Sarah Bessey: I believe people of faith need feminists at the table. And I believe feminists need people of faith at their table. 5.8 days ago - 151 retweets Like

Sarah Bessey: It's a good day to cook a meal, to read a book, to clean, to walk, to gather with friends, to sing, to create something, to log off, to pray 3.7 days ago - 65 retweets Like

Sarah Bessey: And the combo of faith+feminist is what leads me to a FULL pro-life ethic. Not just abortion but violence, war, death, dehumanization, etc. 5.8 days ago - 48 retweets Like

Sarah Bessey: I have been sidelined by Christians for being a feminist. And I have been sidelined by feminists for being a Christian. 5.7 days ago - 42 retweets Like

Sarah Bessey: Following Jesus made me a feminist. I am a feminist *because* I love Jesus. 5.8 days ago - 34 retweets Like

Sarah Bessey: For you, this morning: You're already so loved 6.9 days ago - 22 retweets Like

Sarah Bessey: Exclusion only divides us. We're taking our eye off the ball here. Stay focused on the big picture: peace, wholeness, goodness, belonging. 5.7 days ago - 20 retweets Like

Sarah Bessey: It feels foolish to pray and to hope sometimes. The dream of turning swords into ploughshares seems laughable.... 3.8 days ago - 9 retweets Like