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Wayne Rooney: Dreams can come true and playing for @England has been exactly that. Thanks to everyone involved it's been amazing - 18.9 hours ago - 22991 retweets Like

Donald Trump: If Republican Senate doesn't get rid of the Filibuster Rule & go to a simple majority, which the Dems would do, they are just wasting time! 17.3 hours ago - 16713 retweets Like

Elon Musk: First picture of SpaceX spacesuit. More in days to follow. Worth noting that this actually works… 16.7 hours ago - 9214 retweets Like

Gary Lineker: So many buffoons denouncing @WayneRooney's international career. You have no idea how good he is or how hard it is. Stick to playing FIFA. 17.5 hours ago - 8710 retweets Like

Chelsea Handler: What a terrible time for America. What a terrible memory for this country to have elected this man. What a shameful disgrace. 17.9 hours ago - 7005 retweets Like

Ted Lieu: Freaked out yet? Support HR 669 by @EdMarkey & me. Prevents @POTUS from launching nuclear 1st strike without Congre… 19.1 hours ago - 5662 retweets Like

David Corn: Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to release his psychiatric records. 18.6 hours ago - 5542 retweets Like

Manchester United: Well done on a record-breaking @England career, @WayneRooney! 18.8 hours ago - 4616 retweets Like

Mark R. Levin: It's time for a national discussion about the behavior and bias of the media 20.6 hours ago - 4141 retweets Like

Ellen DeGeneres: Australia, I love you. It's time for marriage equality. Make sure you're enrolled to vote right now. 15.2 hours ago - 3286 retweets Like

Charlie Mahtesian: Amazing. More than 20% of Bernie voters did not vote for Hillary Clinton -- and 12% voted for Trump 15.7 hours ago - 2093 retweets Like

Nate Silver: The worse you think Clinton was as a candidate, the more trouble you should think Trump is in right now. 12.6 hours ago - 1339 retweets Like

Larry Elder: Gloria Allred once called Condi Rice & Colin Powell "Uncle Tom types." Democrats think they OWN blacks. Stray and get called "race traitor." 16.4 hours ago - 1160 retweets Like

Peter Daou: She just can't help it: Andrea @mitchellreports says "obviously a lot of calculation" with Hillary's book. MITCHELL HELPED ELECT TRUMP 19.5 hours ago - 1044 retweets Like

Matt Law: Chelsea have no succession plan for Conte and Tuchel is not a name on their radar #cfc 23.2 hours ago - 924 retweets Like

Shanthnu Buddy: #ThalaiViduthalai storming the screens from tom Aug 24th 👍🏻😊 best wishes to #Thala , @directorsiva and the whol 14.4 hours ago - 740 retweets Like

Mark Dice: Attn Hillary Clinton 15.9 hours ago - 728 retweets Like

Eric Boehlert: yep pundits insisting HIllary should've shouted down Trump when he stalked her at debate. these pundits would've FREAKED OUT if she did it 17.8 hours ago - 709 retweets Like

David Luiz: It’s important to show character after a defeat... @ChelseaFC 21.7 hours ago - 690 retweets Like

Carlos Nóbrega: 2 days ¦ dias #TAOML Merchand 💘😎 Want these beautys?? 😁 Lo quieres? Queres ? #Musica #music #fashio 14.5 hours ago - 646 retweets Like

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