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Donald Trump: I promised that my policies would allow companies like Apple to bring massive amounts of money back to the United S… 14.7 hours ago - 14567 retweets Like

Mike Drucker: NINTENDO: Nintendo Labo is for kids and those that like kid stuff! ADULT GAMER: Okay, but what if I don't want it?… 15.7 hours ago - 6627 retweets Like

Cole M. Sprouse: Jughead’s back tonight with that cynical caffeine complaining buzz for which he is most acclaimed. Tune in to the s… 15.2 hours ago - 3939 retweets Like

@HamillHimself: SHOUT OUT to Kelly Marie Tran for no particular reason other than your more than brilliant performance in… 16.2 hours ago - 3484 retweets Like

Bernie Sanders: Mr. President, maybe the reason why more Americans emigrated to Norway last year than the other way around is becau… 15.1 hours ago - 3375 retweets Like

Anthony Scaramucci: Apple bringing ~$250 billion in overseas cash back to US, paying $38 billion in repatriation tax, investing $30 bil… 19.5 hours ago - 2118 retweets Like

Adrian Wojnarowski: Sources. The NBA is suspending Houston’s Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green two games for aggressively entering Clippers… 14.5 hours ago - 1707 retweets Like

Mark Dice: After Oprah learned that her weight will be made publicly available like Trump’s if she runs for president, she has… 20.0 hours ago - 1300 retweets Like

Darren Rovell: JUST IN: Colin Kaepernick announces the last $100,000 of his $1 million pledge will be a 10-day initiati ve where h… 21.1 hours ago - 1158 retweets Like

(((DeanObeidallah))): Donald Trump is the Benjamin Button of Presidents. Trump was not healthy enough to serve in Vietnam War when we was… 23.6 hours ago - 844 retweets Like

Gwinnett Co. Schools: Gwinnett County Public Schools will be closed on Thursday, January 18, due to icy conditions that remain on many... 16.8 hours ago - 766 retweets Like

Glenn Greenwald: Bernie Sanders' popularity - from new Quinnipiac poll - is not only sky-high among Democrats, but he's particularly… 18.4 hours ago - 732 retweets Like

Dan Bongino: Apple is bringing 350 billion in “crumbs” back to the US. 13.6 hours ago - 655 retweets Like

Madonna: Loving this new Vogue cover.................what we risk reveals what we value ! 👑 🔥 🧡. #vogue #strikeapos 22.7 hours ago - 645 retweets Like

Michelle Malkin: Live, from the Senate, floor, it's Shameless SnowFlake's audition for a CNN contributor contract! 22.4 hours ago - 632 retweets Like

Piers Morgan: Imagine if he issued this challenge to Hillary Clinton or Oprah? He'd be drummed out of Hollywood. Liberal hypocri… 23.3 hours ago - 612 retweets Like

jeremy scahill: Rep. @TulsiGabbard calls for direct talks with Kim Jung-un to avert a catastrophic war with North Korea. She defend… 23.9 hours ago - 435 retweets Like

Coral: Jagielka & Baines at the back, Walcott & Lennon supplying Rooney. Rumours Everton are looking to bring back Lesco… 20.7 hours ago - 426 retweets Like

KATY PERRY: Red hot in #ninthlife #katykatgloss by me x @covergirl for my hot date with @stellamccartney… 9.3 hours ago - 417 retweets Like

ian bremmer: Tech in the US Amazon: 75% of ebook sales Google: 89% of Internet search Google & Apple: 99% of mobile phone oper… 23.4 hours ago - 387 retweets Like

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