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Hillary Clinton: Happy #Pride2017 to everyone in NYC & across the globe. Never forget that LGBT rights are human rights & human righ… 13.6 hours ago - 19921 retweets Like

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she allowed to so collude? Unfair to Bernie! 17.2 hours ago - 16946 retweets Like

Ariana Grande: happy pride !!!! wish i were dancing with you on the pier again this year. I love you with all… 10.4 hours ago - 9952 retweets Like

Marc Stein: League sources: Cavs, Pacers and Nuggets have discussed a three-way deal that would land Paul George in Cleveland and Kevin Love in Denver 5.8 hours ago - 6516 retweets Like

Joe Scarborough: Yesterday, Trump's jealousy of Obama got him to admit Russians meddled in the election. Today, it made him admit hi… 16.7 hours ago - 2860 retweets Like

Sean Hannity: Leader of Very FAKE NEWS. @CNN 10.9 hours ago - 2714 retweets Like

George Takei: What's worse: that Donald doesn't know what a bill is or that he's blatantly lying. Or that both of these are true? 11.0 hours ago - 2280 retweets Like

David Lammy: I don't really like paying my license fee to watch a bloke who lost 7 parliamentary elections on Question Time but… 14.6 hours ago - 2082 retweets Like

billy eichner: There's an avalanche of injustice everyday. But still...Happy Pride, NYC. This pic was taken not too long ago. Keep… 15.5 hours ago - 1315 retweets Like

Michael Ian Black: The end goal seems to be an American apartheid in which a small cabal of white oligarchs run the nation as a quasi-theocracy. 13.4 hours ago - 1214 retweets Like

Alex Kennedy: On defense, LeBron James is constantly calling out the opposition's plays as they develop. Dwane Casey and Elfrid P… 18.5 hours ago - 1200 retweets Like

Tim Cook: Happy #Pride2017 to all our employees, their families and customers around the world! Today we're showing… 6.9 hours ago - 1171 retweets Like

Evan Turner: Lol bumped into my college ex and her whole family at brunch this morning. Was going to pay for there meal but her husband would bug prob 11.0 hours ago - 1128 retweets Like

Donald Trump Jr.: I wonder why? What's their link to the DNC?: Sketchy firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators via @nypost 14.0 hours ago - 941 retweets Like

Jennifer Morrison: Happy pride! I'll be at the nyc parade cheering on all of the incredible people making this… 14.2 hours ago - 923 retweets Like

Glenn Thrush: The only reason Trump playing golf is a thing is because Trump said playing golf was a thing 12.1 hours ago - 808 retweets Like

Mark Beech: Bad LP cover: Don't look Ethel. Too late 14.3 hours ago - 682 retweets Like

Karen Civil: 8 years ago today, we lost musical legend + icon, Michael Jackson. We will never forget the legacy that he has left… 12.5 hours ago - 612 retweets Like

Ian Rapoport: The #Chiefs have reached out to ESPN analyst Louis Riddick to set up an interview for next week for their now-vacant GM job, sources say. 14.5 hours ago - 516 retweets Like

MLB Stat of the Day: At 43 years, 246 days old, Ichiro is the oldest player to start an @MLB game in center – topping Rickey Henderson (… 11.8 hours ago - 496 retweets Like

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