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Star Wars: It's official. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. This December. #TheLastJedi… 21.3 hours ago - 177705 retweets Like

Soledad O'Brien: This claim by the President is false. He is lying. 11.7 hours ago - 6167 retweets Like

Gucci Mane: Keep stacking money 💰 10.2 hours ago - 6066 retweets Like

Rian Johnson: Excited (and relieved) to finally share this! 20.9 hours ago - 5125 retweets Like

Cory Booker: "It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." Benjamin Franklin 23.5 hours ago - 4037 retweets Like

Joy Reid: This is amazing. Sean Spicer is literally begging for the media to say nice things about them, because it hurts whe… 17.4 hours ago - 4020 retweets Like

Dallas Cowboys: Congratulations to @DezBryant who has been named to the @NFL Pro Bowl! This will be his 3rd appearance. 📝:… 17.7 hours ago - 3461 retweets Like

Robin Lundberg: Hov bought Tidal for $58 million. Sprint just bought a third for $200 million. Put me anywhere on Earth, I'll tripl… 21.2 hours ago - 3433 retweets Like

Lea Michele: i love you guys.. 16.2 hours ago - 3132 retweets Like

Dinesh D'Souza: No longer will your taxpayer money be paying for Planned Parenthood to perform abortions abroad 17.1 hours ago - 2997 retweets Like

Tory Lanez #SWAVEY: I'm putting the #NewToronto2 on apple and Spotify . And its going to be a doper and more rare version no one has heard before .. GREATNESS. 18.9 hours ago - 2803 retweets Like

Bernie Sanders: With vast business holdings around the world, will Trump's policies work for the American people or his own financial interest? 18.4 hours ago - 2627 retweets Like

Laura Bassett: Unsafe abortion accounts for 13% of all maternal deaths globally. Trump's reinstating the 'Global Gag Rule' will be deadly. 20.3 hours ago - 2541 retweets Like

Sophia Bush: Here's the ACTUAL photo of Trump forgetting "ladies first" and BO and MO being gracious to Melania. That photoshopp… 13.6 hours ago - 2539 retweets Like

40: No secrets, I just keep people out of my business. 20.9 hours ago - 2460 retweets Like

John McCain: .@POTUS withdrawing from #TPP is a serious mistake for America's economy & strategic position in the #Asia-Pacific 20.2 hours ago - 2338 retweets Like

jamiaw: Trump's reinstatement of #GlobalGagRule will prevent women in developing countries from accessing safe #reprohealth care. Women could die. 19.9 hours ago - 2262 retweets Like

Ellie Goulding: I love it when you find new music and know exactly who will appreciate its brilliance as much as you 17.5 hours ago - 2214 retweets Like

George Takei: Trump has reinstated the global gag rule, cutting off U.S. funding to any org that lists abortion as part of family planning. #Deplorable 17.8 hours ago - 2192 retweets Like

Darren Criss: I get to make my @UMich & @GLEEonFOX friends show their REAL superpowers on the @CW_TheFlash/@TheCWSupergirl crossover? 🎼Music to my ears! 🎶 19.6 hours ago - 2048 retweets Like

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